A render of a Landscape project modeled with Lands Design with its logo on top.

Lands Design released!

The professional Landscape design software

Lands Design is a technical software for Landscape design with BIM technology. It works as a powerful tool for 2D technical drawings, 3D modeling and photorealistic images of landscape projects.

Lands Design is useful in the fields of

  • Architecture
  • Landscape architecture
  • Urban planning
  • Green infrastructure
  • Forestry (modeling the forests)
  • Environmental design
  • CG art

Discover the awesome Lands Design features

  • Extensive Plant Database in 3D / 2D (More info)
  • Powerful terrain modeling tools (More info)
  • Dynamic 2D Documentation (More info)
  • Parametric Design with Lands components in Grasshopper (More info)
  • Animated Videos and Realistic Images which bring your Project to Life (More info)
Full list of Lands Design features

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The promotional price valid until June 30th:
  • For Lands Design is 795 €/$ 645 €/$
  • For RhinoLands (Rhino + Lands Design) is 1695 €/$ 1545 €/$
Licenses are perpetual with no maintenance fees and free technical support. Pricing details