Lands Design

Lands Design is a landscape design software with BIM technology developed by Asuni, a growing company based in Barcelona, that belongs to the same group of McNeel Europe, the European division of the Rhino 3D manufacturers. Asuni is also the developer of VisualARQ, which adds Flexible BIM tools to Rhino.


The origin of the Lands Design starts when Asuni acquires a plant database called “Visualplant“, developed by a Spanish company ( that gathered the botanic information of plant species more than 20 years ago.

Asuni converted that plant database into a digital library of 3D plants with all the characteristics and specifications. This plant database has been expanded over the years using data from other sources, until reaching +8000 global species in the current public version.

The first version of Lands Design was formerly known as AutoARQ Paisajismo (in the Spanish language) and it was released in July 2001, only available for AutoCAD. In 2008 an English version was released called ARQ Landscape.

In January 2010, the program was renamed Lands and it was available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. A Rhino version of Lands was then started to be developed. The first public WIP (Work In Progress) version was released two years later, in 2012, and it was already called Lands Design. The WIP version of Lands Design, as well as the next Beta versions, were tested for several years by its users who provided truly valuable feedback which helped to shape a final version of the program, ready to be launched officially. Translations of Czech and Chinese were added.

The first commercial version of Lands Design for Rhino was finally released in March 2020 and it currently counts thousands of users worldwide.

Product NameVersionRelease DatePlatforms
AutoARQ Paisajismo1July 2001AutoCAD
AutoARQ Paisajismo 22October 2004AutoCAD
AutoARQ Paisajismo 33October 2006AutoCAD
ARQ Landscape 33.0.7February 2008AutoCAD
Lands3.5January 2010AutoCAD
Lands Design / Lands Studio4January 2011AutoCAD
Lands Design WIP4.2September 2012Rhino
Lands Design Beta4.9.2June 2016Rhino
Lands Design5March 2020Rhino, AutoCAD